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Jewellery Designers at Phillip Stoner

  • Allium

    Inspired by the stunningly beautiful Allium Flower, this award winning collection combines multiple diamonds to create the look of one large stone, much like an Allium is made up of many smaller flowers.

    Embracing the beauty of scintillating round brilliant cut diamonds, each stone is set to the most exact and secure standards in Sustainable Platinum. 

    These elements of precision setting, master craftsmanship, classic designs, superior platinum, and perfectly cut diamonds, all combine to make Allium™ Diamond jewellery shine with an intense fire.

  • Andrew Geoghegan

    Since 1998, award winning designer Andrew Geoghegan has been garnering a reputation for precision-designed chic; for pieces that unify sometimes seemingly contradictory elements – angular facets and soft curves, warm shades and metallic coldness.

    But the most important union of all, the one that inspires the work most, is the one between jewellery and its wearer. The spirit and ambition of each creation is to enhance and illuminate beauty, never to eclipse it. The studio, nestled in Yorkshire’s lush rolling hills, is the inspirational setting for the Andrew Geoghegan collection - jewellery for you to make your own – a quietly striking addition, your own work of art.

  • Athena

    The Athena Collection features stunning engagement rings featuring high quality diamonds set in delicate platinum styles. With matching wedding and eternity bands available, mix and match to create a look as individual as you are.

  • Babette Wasserman

    Babette Wasserman is classically trained in fine jewellery at Central St Martins College of Art and worked in PR before launching her eponymous jewellery brand in 1997.

    Babette remains the principal designer and Creative Director of the brand, which specialises in contemporary design with meticulous craftsmanship.

    Sleek, masculine bracelets are made using the finest quality Italian leather and a distinct array of clasps and closures which set the range apart.

  • Chimento

    Chimento jewellery combines luxurious materials with exquisite craftsmanship. The family jeweller was established in Vicenza in 1964 and is now one of the leading jewellery brands in Italy; dedicated to traditional methods, shared passion and original creativity.

    Chimento pieces combine fashion forward design with precious metals, diamonds and splashes of vivid colour, to create a distinctly Italian feel.

  • Deakin & Francis

    Founded in 1786, Deakin & Francis are the epitome of fine English design and workmanship. Their English workshop produces handmade cufflinks incorporating enamels and fine gemstones and juxtaposing traditional designs with unique and modern designs.

    Deakin and Francis cufflinks are enjoyed by business people, celebrities and members of royalty worldwide and are considered some of the finest cufflinks available. With quirky fun designs alongside classic alternatives, these silver cufflinks offer something for every occasion.

  • Diamond by Appointment

    Phillip Stoner's engagement ring collection provides an unrivalled selection of diamond engagement rings that boast quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship and value for money.

    The collection offers an extensive range of designs featuring independently certificated diamonds, which have been handpicked by a team of experienced buyers, gemologists and registered valuers before being set in beautiful platinum or 18ct yellow or rose gold settings.

  • Phillip Stoner Classics

    A timeless collection of Engagement & Wedding Rings that are sure to be cherished for a lifetime. Classic solitaires with delicate, open designs showcase each diamond beautifully. Made from the highest quality materials and set with diamonds, handpicked by Mr Stoner himself, for their excellence.

  • Phillip Stoner Luxe

    A luxurious collection of Platinum Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and Eternity Rings, made in England with stunning diamonds, which are precision set using the latest technology and highly skilled craftsmen.

  • Phillip Stoner The Jeweller

    To bring freshness to the classical simplicity of a diamond engagement ring is the ultimate design challenge, even for the most accomplished of jewellers... A challenge which is perfectly met in Phillip Stoner’s jewellery collections.

    Exclusive to Phillip Stoner, each piece gives full expression to the timeless beauty of a diamond, combined with freshness and individuality of contemporary design. As you would expect from the North of England’s leading diamond specialist, each setting is handmade with exact precision to complement the shape and proportions of the stone at its heart.

    To compliment these signature pieces, Phillip Stoner has introduced a stunning range of Cocktail Rings featuring exquisite coloured stones.

  • Rane London

    Hand-finished in England, Rane London Engagement Rings boast high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. Classic designs are given a contemporary twist with clean lines and open galleries, allowing light to refract through the stones at their heart.

  • Steven Kretchmer

    Steven Kretchmer, often referred to as the most innovative designer to ever hit the jewellery scene, has revolutionised fine jewellery design.

    His Tension-Set rings use the strength of the entire setting to secure the stone in place by a compression force of 12,000 pounds per square inch. This type of mounting exposes the diamond to more light allowing it to perform at its most brilliant.

  • The Sirena Collection

    Embodying elegant simplicity, The Sirena Collection was inspired by the curves of the sea and the female form - 'La Sirena' meaning Mermaid in Italian.

    Each piece features a unique "floating diamond" setting with a highly polished finish, creating a mirrored effect.

  • Ungar & Ungar

    The name Ungar has been synonymous with the jewellery trade for 5 generations and this husband and wife team have created a range of floral wedding rings and eternity rings that are truly special.

    Their beautiful diamond rings encompass the time honoured tradition of hand millgrain edging, a painstaking process that imprints every piece with an exquisite pattern. A team of lapidary artists and engravers work consistently to meet exacting old world standards to create this art-deco style collection.