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Diamond Eternity Bands at Phillip Stoner The Jeweller

What is an Eternity Ring?

Eternity Rings symbolise everlasting love and are usually gifted to mark a wedding anniversary or milestone, like the birth of a new child.

Which finger is an Eternity Ring worn on?

Eternity Rings are usually worn next to an Engagement Ring and Wedding Band to create a bridal suite, but  some people prefer to wear them on their right hand. There’s less pressure to find something to match their other rings… and more room on their finger!

Should Eternity Bands have diamonds all the way around?

Bands fully-set with diamonds are a popular choice because their unbroken loop symbolises eternal love. However they aren’t suited to everyone. If your fingers fluctuate in size (common with weight loss/gain or even with changes in the weather or time of day), then it might be better to avoid full-set bands. They can’t be resized so there might be periods of time when it’s too big or small to wear.

A half-set band will give the illusion of the diamonds wrapping around your finger, but the piece of Platinum or Gold sat underneath will allow our goldsmiths to tweak the size in the future.

What do Eternity Bands look like?

Diamond set Eternity Bands at Phillip Stoner The Jeweller are available in a variety of widths, precious metals and styles. There’s a tiny selection to view on our website, but if you can visit one of our stores it’s definitely worth coming in for a trying on session to see what works best for you.

If you don’t live near enough, please get in touch. We’d be happy to talk through options or send photographs!