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A Guide to buying an engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring is possibly one of the most important purchases you will ever make, however now that you are probably sweating slightly and short of breath, just remember your girlfriend has quite likely been dreaming about this for a while so the sheer fact that you are proposing will be the biggest excitement!

You know your partner and what she likes better than you realise and for the lady to receive a diamond ring from the man she loves will be the most important thing.

Whether your partner has been pointing out rings for the last 10 years or whether you have had no clue what to get, don’t worry we have a great range of engagement rings that offer something classic but unique and that won’t overwhelm you but will give you a great choice. We are here to help and can inform and advise you without pressuring or forcing our ideas on you.

Once you are sat down in the beautiful surroundings of our stores with a drink in hand we can run through as much or as little as you would like to know about the individual diamonds and simply look at the different styles to see what takes your fancy.

 There are four main styles of engagement rings,

  • A single diamond ring(solitaire)
  • Three diamonds
  • A cluster of diamonds(usually one big one in the centre surrounded by smaller diamonds)
  • A single diamond with diamonds down the band

Next you might have an idea of the shape of diamond you would like to pick, the most popular are the round and square(princess) or something slightly different such as a radiant cut, oval, emerald cut or marquise… have a look at our cut guide to familiarise yourself with the cuts.

Buying a diamond can get a little complicated, so we are here to go as in depth as you would like into the cuts and specifications of the diamonds. To give you piece of mind the majority of our diamonds rings are certified independently and we only use the certificates of renowned gemmological institutes. This is a document you will get with your purchase which gives you the reassurance you need at face value in what you are buying.

Once you have picked the ring you would like to present, I’m sure you are wondering how it will fit. All our rings tend to come in an average finger size (size L,M,N) so there is a good chance it won’t be too far out. Unless you have managed to size your partners finger whilst she was asleep (a little bit scary if she wakes up, and not very accurate), we suggest you present it as it comes and then bring it back to us if it needs tweaking. We have a workshop open Monday to Saturday at our victoria Quarter store and can get this sized usually within the hour (a few days is required if taken in to our Manchester store).

 Finally if you have presented the ring and it isn’t quite what she had in mind (it does happen, we are a complicated bunch) come back to us. We are here to help and the service does not end when you leave the store, we have a fantastic range of rings and we can sit down and change it for something else.

 So that’s it you’re on your own now… good luck and come and see us, we are here to help…

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