Did you know that Phillip Stoner The Jeweller has its own workshop on-site in Victoria Leeds where we produce Bespoke Jewellery?⠀

If you spot something in our window or online that you love but it’s not perfect, ask us whether we can make it bigger, smaller, in a different metal or to suit a specific budget. The answer is usually yes! ⠀

p.s. It’s a myth that creating a bespoke piece of jewellery costs more than buying something from the window. The price is often dictated by the centre stone, whether it’s a diamond or coloured stone and how much you want to spend is up to you.

Bespoke Jewellery & Engagement Rings at Phillip Stoner The Jeweller

The Lila Collection Available Exclusively at Phillip Stoner

To bring freshness to the classical simplicity of a single-stone diamond engagement ring is the ultimate design challenge, even for the most accomplished of jewellers. A challenge which is perfectly met in The Lila Collection. Available exclusively at Phillip Stoner, each ring within the collection gives full expression to the timeless beauty of a diamond, combined with freshness and individuality of contemporary design.

Lila Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

Developed in 2007 to coincide with the arrival of Phillip Stoner’s first grandaughter, Lila, these unique rings were created by our team of experienced designers and goldsmiths, with the project headed by Phillip himself.

The beauty of the designs stem from the low, cradle settings, which allow the optimum amount of light to refract through the diamonds, without needing it to sit too high on the finger – something many women find annoying if they lead an active lifestyle.

Developed over several years to encompass a range of fancy cut diamonds, each setting is handmade with exact precision to complement the shape and proportions of the stone at its heart.Lila Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

More than six years later, The Lila Collection continues to take pride of place in the window of each Phillip Stoner store.

View the collection online >

Phillip Stoner holds Andrew Geoghegan Exhibition

Incredible jewellery designer and our latest guest writer, Andrew Geoghegan tells us why it’s worth a visit to Phillip Stoner’s Victoria Quarter store this Christmas…

“I like to think that at this time of year, pieces from the AG collections are appreciated more than ever. As people wander the streets window-shopping, there’s nothing quite like the pull of shimmering jewels in a beautiful Jewellery shop window. We all love a bit of festive sparkle so when our brilliant Leeds retailer, Phillip Stoner, approached us about having a mini AG exhibition from the start of December, we couldn’t have been more pleased.

Andrew Geoghegan at Phillip Stoner, LeedsPhillip Stoner is the crème de la crème of jewellery shops, if it’s incredible pieces and impeccable customer service you’re after – these guys are the ones to provide it. Located in the magnificent Victoria Quarter, an elegant Grade II listed building; home to over 70 of the world’s most famous leading fashion and lifestyle designers such as Louis Vuitton and Harvey Nichols; Phillip Stoner is the height of luxury.

The Phillip Stoner VQ boutique store was launched in 2008 and it retains many original features include a stunning iron spiral staircase that leads up to a VIP lounge (wish I was allowed in!), where you can view the most exquisite collections of jewellery intimately over a glass of champagne, making your experience inspiring and exciting. Basically, I try as often as possible to ‘pop in’ just to spend a bit of time there!

Obviously the guys at Phillip Stoner got the hint that I love the space and so under the proviso I would stop dropping in on them every day for coffee and mince pies, they agreed to hold a mini AG exhibition… (I’m joking, promise!). The exhibition is stunning, showcasing some of the very best pieces and already ‘wowing’ shoppers looking for gorgeous cocktail rings and ‘I do’ diamond engagement rings!

I urge you all to get own there, although I can’t be held accountable when you leave with bags full of gorgeous jewels!”

View the collection at Phillip Stoner’s Victoria Quarter store or shop online.