It’s the age old question; when you’re buying a diamond engagement ring, does size matter?

We’ve asked and the answer is a resounding “Yes”. It’s all about personal preference and the practicalities, taking into account  her style, taste and environment… “Will it suit her hand? Is it practical to wear everyday? Will she love it as much in 20 years as she does right now?”

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It’s also important to consider the quality of a diamond, bigger isn’t always better. The Carat weight determines the size of the stone, but to have an intense fire a diamond needs to be Cut as symmetrically as possible and be polished to a high standard. It should be bright white in Colour and be clear of any dark inclusions or marks that could be noticeable to the naked eye – also known as the Clarity of the diamond.

Ultimately, every diamond is completely unique and is sure to be cherished forever. Size does matter, but only in regards to making sure you choose the right one for you and your fiancée to be.

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