Eternity Rings are a symbol of everlasting love and are typically gifted on a significant anniversary or milestone, such as the birth of a new child.

When it comes to how you wear an eternity ring, tear up the rule book.. They don’t have to be worn alongside an Engagement Ring and Wedding Band. A lot of people choose to wear them on their right hand. There’s less pressure to find something that matches your bridal suite… and more room on your finger!

Diamond set Eternity Bands at Phillip Stoner The Jeweller start from £795 and are available in a variety of widths, metals and styles. View a small collection online at


18ct Rose Gold Eternity Rings, Phillip Stoner The Jeweller



First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes.. an Eternity Ring

More than 2000 years ago, Ancient Egyptians used Circles in hieroglyphics to represent eternity. Similarly, rings, often gem encrusted circles of metal, were worn to symbolise the eternal bond between two people during their marriage and in the afterlife.

2000 years later, Eternity Rings are gifted as a sign of everlasting affection; typically bought to celebrate the birth of a child, an anniversary or special occasion.

Find a Diamond Eternity Ring at Phillip Stoner The Jeweller

Available in Platinum, 18ct Gold (White, Yellow or Rose) or Palladium, there are hundreds of styles of Eternity Rings at Phillip Stoner to choose from. From floral bands to classic three-stone rings, an Eternity ring can either be worn with an engagement and wedding ring, or by itself on the right hand.

Browse a small selection of Phillip Stoner’s diamond eternity rings online, or call into one of our stores to find you perfect style.