Diamonfire Jewellery, Perfect For Every Occasion

Diamonfire’s exquisite, sterling silver jewellery collections are inspired by the glamour and eternal magic of diamonds.

Each Diamonfire-Zirconia stone used is carefully weighed, cut and polished, mimicking the Ideal Cut and finish of a real diamond. This brings out a scintillating array of colour and sparkle in each stone.

Diamonfire Jewellery at Phillip Stoner

The Diamonfire-Zirconia are then set in sterling silver, which is protected and perfected with a high grade combination of platinum, palladium and rhodium. The triple metal plating guarantees the jewellery a long lasting, tarnish-free, high-quality finish.

The designs are a stunning fusion of classic elegance and contemporary design – perfect to wear as bridal jewellery, with a cocktail dress, or just to add a little sparkle to your everyday attire.

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