The Lila Collection Available Exclusively at Phillip Stoner

To bring freshness to the classical simplicity of a single-stone diamond engagement ring is the ultimate design challenge, even for the most accomplished of jewellers. A challenge which is perfectly met in The Lila Collection. Available exclusively at Phillip Stoner, each ring within the collection gives full expression to the timeless beauty of a diamond, combined with freshness and individuality of contemporary design.

Lila Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

Developed in 2007 to coincide with the arrival of Phillip Stoner’s first grandaughter, Lila, these unique rings were created by our team of experienced designers and goldsmiths, with the project headed by Phillip himself.

The beauty of the designs stem from the low, cradle settings, which allow the optimum amount of light to refract through the diamonds, without needing it to sit too high on the finger – something many women find annoying if they lead an active lifestyle.

Developed over several years to encompass a range of fancy cut diamonds, each setting is handmade with exact precision to complement the shape and proportions of the stone at its heart.Lila Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

More than six years later, The Lila Collection continues to take pride of place in the window of each Phillip Stoner store.

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